The Sugar Rush & Crash

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Glucose levels in the blood rise as a result of consuming various candies and/or sweets. Such is evident when one consumes any substance with a substantial amount of sugar in a short span of time. It is also common to feel a sudden rush in energy and euphoria. Many people report feeling considerably more frantic, motivated or jittery during this time. Although one may feel outwardly productive, however, the benefits are fleeting and the consequences of such a rush are also equally felt. After the sugar has entered the blood stream, and before it is processed in the body, is when one feels the jittery effects of the sugar. The blood glucose is then processed in our body and transferred to be stored into our tissues for later use. This causes one to feel the “sugar crash,” or the sudden and obvious effects of a sudden decrease in glucose in the blood. Any excess in glucose, in addition, is a main contributor to weight-gain.

The benefit of using Healthy Curb is that it considerably decreases the effects that a sugar crash has on your productivity and metabolic levels! Healthy Curb aids in appetite suppression by assisting the body in controlling blood glucose. In addition to controlling blood glucose, Healthy Curb also aids to repair the cell wall which in turn produces energy production in a more efficient manner. By creating energy in this healthy and organic manner, it helps to fuel the body and the effects of sugar crashes are effectively avoided. In addition to helping to curb the effects of a sugar crash, Healthy Curb efficiently blocks starch calories from carbohydrates. It is also made entirely of food and food extracts. Healthy Curb is an all healthy and natural alternative to the abundance of toxic diet pills on the market, and it has proven weight loss results.


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